Opere Sonore are exclusive pieces of art, made to sound like real musical instruments. Unique objects that combine a fine design and the ability to reproduce a natural and immersive sound, transforming your home in a concert hall.

All Opere Sonore pieces are handmade, recalling principles and techniques of the art of violin making, an art that has been handed down for centuries in Italy and found in the Fiemme Valley tonewood a raw material with outstanding acoustic properties.

It’s the same wood used by Antonio Stradivari to craft top quality and insetimabile value violins, and today gives a unique sound to every Opera Sonora.

The perfection of natural sound

Behind the Opere Sonore project, there is our experience as manufacturers of soundboards, the vibrating wooden soul of guitars and pianos, harps and violins, which we supply to the most important instrument makers all over the world.

Facing each other with violin makers, piano producers, piano tuners and sound experts, we set up our intuition, realizing the dream of innovative musical instruments, intended for music lovers and connoisseurs, who want to listen to live music through the vibrations of the wood, with the quality of a natural and amazing sound.

From the idea to the project

The sound is generated by the vibrations of the wood, excited by the artist’s touch on the strings of his instrument: from these vibrations arise emotions that become what we call music.

Working every day on the magic of these sounds, I asked myself if they were reproducible with the same fidelity, without the use of strings, but utilizing as a source the home audio system.

The start up has been followed by months of research, analysis, tests and new developments. The craft passion and the tenacity of mountain people have nourished the dream of offering the emotion of a real and natural music like a live concert at home. Furthermore the design of original shapes gratifies the sight.

The traditional techniques of the violin makers have guided me into a journey where man’s work prevails over technology, combining it with the modern innovation. Some people say I had courage, now the possibility of sharing this unique experience with enthusiastic people is my greatest satisfaction.

Fabio Ognibeni

What people say about Opere Sonore

“There is no electronic sophistication that is able to match the brilliance and richness of natural harmonics. With this system, listening is always live, and the music has a depth, has a soul, as in the concert hall”

Andrea Bocelli