Design by Kaluderovic & Condini

This is the best reinterpretation of a musical instrument: the soundboard hangs from the strings of a modern harp, like a sensuous calling to the music.

It is not a chance that the name of this model, conceived by the designers Kaluderovic & Condini, is inspired by Euterpe, the Muse of the music, daughter of Zeus.

It gets lively with the warmth and rhythm of music in a harmonic “crescendo”of emotions. Lyrics by Igor Stravinskij are engraved on the soundboard into the wood.

Extremely sophisticated, it can be fitted on a stainless-steel floor stand, or hanged to decorate an entire wall with its elegant shapes.

Euterpe comes with the Tube amplifier and the Active Subwoofer. For more information see the description page.