The History

The company Ciresa was founded in Tesero-Trento in 1952 by Enrico Ciresa (1922-1991), after long years of experience and skills gained in the manufacture of Delmarco and Bozzetta pianos and harmonium, and the prestigious Schulze Pollmann of Bolzano.

At the beginning Ciresa produced keyboards and harmonium reed pianos of various sizes, and its models were soon known for quality and sound throughout Italy.

From the ’70s onwards, with the advent of electronics, the market of the harmonium is reduced considerably, and the production of soundboards for pianos become the core business.

From 1991, with the new running and obtaining the prestigious acknowledgement MCF (Magnificent Community of Fiemme), Ciresa is no longer limited into providing its products in Italy, but has expanded winning the trust of the largest piano makers in Europe and overseas. The lute industry is also growing rapidly, as the reputation of the company.

The strategy of the company Ciresa, was to inform the general public about the existence of this very special “Tree of Music” and its history, which came out in the name of Antonio Stradivari, who personally chose the Fiemme trees to make the soundboard of his famous violins, from which he received a great sound.

Despite the production of soundboards for pianos, harps, harpsichords, is known, recognized and sought after by the manufacturers of musical instruments scattered on every continent, Fabio  Ognibeni, a man of ideas on the go, has not stopped there. And after several years of research and development, in June 2006 presented a new line of products, very unique and innovative: Opere Sonore.