Perfect sound

The project named “S(u)ono perfetto “ – Perfect sound- has been planned, developed and realized by Ciresa and Fabio Ognibeni, who involved the Institute of  Wood-ENAIP- Tesero for the setting-up, the  Institute of Technology –Marconi- Rovereto for the management software and the RWA Architecs Studio –Rovereto as aesthetics supervisors.

Opere  Sonore are integrated into a modular structure, handmade by the students ,that through the tonewood interact with the multimedia technology and at the same time the tradition, performing a “live concert” of the most famous historical violins in a world premiere.

The project, under the aegis of the Province, will be exhibited at the Sforza Castle in Milan and placed at the general public’s disposal as side event of EXPO2015.  From July 14th to August 30th  the Ciresa Company in collaboration with the Antonio Carlo Monzino Foundation, have reserved the Merlate Hall – 3rd floor of the Sforza Castle to present Opere Sonore and  to offer the opportunity to listen to the natural sound of the tonewood from this unique and exclusive acoustic system, for a unique and exciting musical experience.

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